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    What to Expect

    What To Expect

    What To Expect


    What to Expect – Before, During and After Your Massage

    So, you’re thinking about getting a massage in Miami? That’s a fantastic idea because of their therapeutic nature. Is there a better way for soothing sore muscles? Massages earn their reputation for being one of the most calming and healthy activities around. 

    Communication Is the Best Policy

    An excellent massage starts with ideal communication. Is there something that is bothering you in particular? If so, let the therapist know. It’s vital to relax during a session, so a bit of small talk never hurts. 

    If the therapist applies too much pressure, speak up! Communication will ensure the best possible massage. It’s also worth pointing out; you can’t take a shower there! Don’t arrive from the gym all sweaty expecting a massage. A small bit of etiquette always matters, especially in the area of personal hygiene.

    Massage therapists understand a lot about physical issues, so feel free to discuss what’s bothering you. The more you’re able to explain your condition, the higher the chance they can help. 

    How Much Should I Undress?

    It’s vital to remain comfortable. Your therapist will ensure draping, but they will need access to your skin for the massage. However, it’s most crucial that you are always secure and happy. Only undress as much as you feel you need to. 

    At Miami Mobile Massage, your comfort, safety, and health are our primary concerns. It’s our sincere hope that you experience many positive benefits from massage therapy. 

    What Are the Benefits of Massage Therapy?

    Massage, as a discipline, has been popular for a long time because it’s useful. The practice produces several tangible benefits.

    Ease Muscle Pain

    Massages are well-known for their ability to ease muscle pain. If you work a physically demanding job or are under stress, a massage helps. Injured tissue also benefits from massage, because of the increase in circulation. People who sit a lot due to office jobs also gain from the therapeutic experience. Massage can make a big difference for anyone sore from sitting.

    Soothe Anxiety and Reduce Depress

    The human touch in a safe environment makes everyone feel better. Massage is relaxing and can calm down just about anyone. If you’re feeling a bit depressed or suffering from anxiety, you will feel the benefits right away. You may even feel particular invigorated and energized after your time. 

    You’ll Sleep Better

    Nothing is quite as relaxing as a massage. Most people find they sleep amazing well after one.

    Your Immunity Will Receive a Boost

    Not only will circulation improve, but your immune system will also get a boost from undergoing regular massage therapy — people who get regular massages comment often about how strong and vital they feel.

    Release Toxins to Feel Great

    Deep stimulation of muscle tissue also releases toxins. That build-up can cause a lot of issues, so massage therapy is a preventative way to deal with it. Letting go of toxins is a fast way to feel better. 

    What Happens When Service Ends?

    At the end of the massage, have a brief conversation about how the session went. If you’re feeling particular soreness, let your therapist know. The massage generally doesn’t hurt, but it releases lactic acid and toxins. Sometimes that causes a bit of extra sensitivity. If you remember from prior sessions before, let your therapist know. 

    It may take several courses to sync up, and communication at the end is a fantastic way to do it. You will probably also want to schedule your next appointment. Ongoing massage therapy is helpful because it does wonders for your muscles while soothing aches and pains. Regular sessions will also significantly improve circulation.

    You’ll generally get time after the massage to clean up before the next customer comes in. Try not to fall asleep and keep things moving. Therapists make their money based on the turnaround. 

    At Miami Mobile Massage, we rely on positive reviews and word of mouth advertising from satisfied clients. Give us your honest feedback, so we know how you enjoyed the service. We’re always striving to get better.

    Don’t Forget to Drink Water

    Remember how massage release toxins? Most people tend to be a bit dehydrated, so they may feel thirsty after a session — drinking water before and after is recommended. 

    Massage also reduces fatigue so you may feel energized after your massage. Don’t forget to arrange your next session. A regular schedule of massages will keep you in peak physical and mental condition.

    Experience the benefits of massage by Miami’s premier mobile massage therapists. We’re confident you’ll enjoy our service, so contact us now to schedule your appointment. Massage is one of the healthiest activities around. Don’t hesitate for even a second more when you can experience professional bodywork.