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    Our Services

    Whether you want a quiet, relaxing massage at home, need a therapist for a bridal squad at your hotel room before the big day, or need a session between meetings at work, Miami Mobile Massage will come to you! You don’t need any equipment. We bring the towels, sheets, portable table, oils, and lotions to you.

    Swedish Massage

    Swedish Massage is performed using long, smooth gliding strokes along the body’s lines of tension. This massage aids in removing toxins from the body and increases circulation, leaving you feeling relaxed and invigorated.

    Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep tissue massage that gets into the muscle very deeply. Many of us have had some type of stress which affects our muscles and tissue around joints, so deep tissue work is exactly what you may need.

    Sports Massage

    We attend to the specific needs of each athlete, whether that’s an area of focus or overall relief. We are specialized in sports massage for athletes.

    We can not only relieve tightness but also help prevent injuries by improving the elasticity of the muscular system.

    The athlete will experience better performance and less post-workout soreness

    Prenatal Message

    Prenatal massage is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the more traditional prenatal workouts and exercises.

    Prenatal massages can stretch and strengthen muscles, aid in breathing and posture, safely relieve muscular tension and stress, increase range of motion, and reduce aches and pains associated with pregnancy.

    Prenatal massages will lead to a much more comfortable pregnancy overall making it a much more enjoyable 9 months.

    For the safety of the fetus, this type of massage is typically performed after the first trimester.

    Hot Stone Massage

    The hot stone massage is a specialty massage where smooth, heated stones are used by the therapist by placing them or rubbing them on the body. The heat from the stones leads to deep relaxation and to warming up of the tight muscles enabling the therapist to work more deeply and more quickly.

    • Relieve muscle spasms,  pain, tension & improve the muscle relaxation.
    • Releases toxins & improves skin appearance
    • Significantly reduce stress & anxiety

    Four Hands Massage

    Discover a new therapeutic massage experience when two therapists and four hands hit your body at once. At first, you may find yourselves trying to keep track of the therapists; where are they, what are they doing? But soon you may find yourself giving up control and falling into a deeper relaxation.

    You are secure in the knowledge that you’re well within the boundaries of our experience, yet at the same time, you feel like each of us holds the key to unlocking the tension in your body. Open your mind and let us help your body relax.


    Our Pricing

    60 Mintues


    60 minute massage of your choosing with one of our professional massage therapists.

    75 Mintues


    75 minute massage of your choosing with one of our professional massage therapists.

    90 Mintues


    90 minute massage of your choosing with one of our professional massage therapists.