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    Frequently Asked Questions


    How Does Miami Mobile Massage Work?

    Our service assists you in easily booking a VIP mobile massage in Miami. After setting an appointment with us, a highly-trained and completely vetted massage therapist will come to your home or hotel room in the Miami area. There is no need to come to our offices, you can enjoy your massage right in the comfort of your home. Therapists provide their own massage table as well as fresh linens. They also bring any needed lotions and oils. Once they arrive at your door, your only job is to relax.

    What Services Can I Request Through Miami Mobile Massage?

    We offer all the standard massage variations like sport, deep tissue, Swedish, prenatal and many others. You can also book one or more massage therapists for parties and events.

    What kind of vetting process do Miami Mobile Massage Therapists go through?

    All of our massage therapists go through a rigorous vetting process so that we can ensure our customers have a wonderful experience. All therapists have a background check and we verify they have all the proper licensing and certifications. The therapists we provide are completely insured. Finally, we screen each individual therapist to make sure their service is up to the high standards we require.

    If I liked my massage, can I re-book them at a further date?

    While we don’t allow customers to choose their massage therapist the first time, if they had a great experience, they can choose to re-book them as long as the therapist is available at the chosen time.

    Do I have to remove all of my clothes?

    This is entirely up to you. Your comfort is our main concern and we want you to undress to whatever level you are happy with. If you prefer fully nude, you may simply lay under the sheet.

    Where will they park?

    Our therapists do need a place to park. If the parking situation is difficult, please provide detailed directions to the closest convenient parking area to your home.

    Do I need to own a massage table or sheets myself?

    Absolutely not. All our massage therapists provide all necessary equipment.

    I want a massage but you aren't available in my area yet!

    Every day we are growing and expanding into more and more locations. Please check back often.