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    About theMiami Mobile Massage Experience and In-home massages


    About Miami Mobile Massage

    Prioritizing self-care is extremely important, especially with all the mental and physical strain we regularly experience. Between back-to-back work meetings, family issues, surprise house repairs, and anything else life decides to throw our way, sometimes we just run out of time and aren’t able to prioritize our needs. This is where Miami Mobile Massage can help.

    Whether you want a quiet, relaxing massage at home, need a therapist for a bridal squad at your hotel room before the big day, or need a session between meetings at work, we will come to you! You don’t need any equipment. We bring the towels, sheets, portable table, oils, and lotions to you. You just need to be present in the moment and relax! Prior to your massage, simply inform your therapist of any injuries or spots you’d like them to avoid.

    Types of Massages Our Therapists Perform


    Athletes will appreciate the benefits of a sports massage, especially with injury caused by repetitive movements. Sports massages can also be beneficial for improving flexibility for better range of motion. This type of massage can be either full-body or focused to a specific area, as well as performed before or after activity to improve endurance and minimize recovery time.


    A Swedish massage is perfect for first-timers or those looking for a gentle, full body massage. This is also an excellent choice if you are sensitive to touch or are experiencing a lot of tension. The therapist giving this massage will perform movements that include kneading, tapping, circular motions, and long, gliding strokes towards the heart to improve blood flow.


    Also similar to a Swedish massage, a prenatal massage is useful in reducing aches and tension experienced during pregnancy. For the safety of the fetus, this type of massage is typically performed after the first trimester. A prenatal massage improves oxygenation to muscle and tissues and helps to reduce stress on joints. This can either be a full body massage or tailored to one specific area for symptom improvement, such as reducing headaches with a neck and shoulder massage.

    Deep Tissue

    A deep tissue massage is similar to a Swedish massage except that it uses more pressure to reach the deeper layers of muscle and fascia. This is a great option for chronic muscle soreness. It is beneficial in relieving sports injury pain and tension, chronic neck and back pain, and postural problems, among other conditions. In addition to the techniques found in a Swedish massage, a deep tissue massage also uses friction movements.

    These are just several of the types of massages our therapists perform. We also offer many other types of massages, from couple’s massages to aromatherapy massages.

    Why Choose Miami Mobile Massage?

    Miami Mobile Massage has over 10 years of experience in the massage industry. Our massage therapists are licensed, experienced, and insured. They undergo an extensive background check and are fitting for our mission – to provide quality massages on the go to meet your needs.